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Reusable Makeup Puffs

Reusable Makeup Puffs

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Introducing Reusable Makeup Puffs: the perfect tool for your makeup removal needs. Our cotton wipes feature a delicate, super soft, silky, and skin-friendly design that can easily and naturally remove your makeup without irritating your skin. The low stimulation provides a cool and user-friendly experience, making our puff suitable for all women. This versatile product comes inΒ many colors for your convenience: white (for light makeup removing), coffee (for general makeup) black (for heavy makeup) and others.

To use, simply squeeze a little facial cleanser into the puff after removing your makeup, simmer it with water then hang it up to dry. For an extra gentle solution on your skin look no further than our Reusable Makeup Puffs!



Item type: Makeup Removing Puff

Material: Microfiber Suede

Diameter: 12 cm

Thickness: 1.5 cm

Package Including:1 x Puff

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